Multifunctional equipment

To ensure a comprehensive service of the processes performed within the Plus Workflow- type systems, we make sure that all tasks are carried out in the most effective way. It is therefore essential for clients to select equipment which meets their requirements; this applies to printers, scanners, barcode readers and multifunction equipment. We offer our clients the latest equipment of the market-leading brands. We cooperate with the market-leading producers of the equipment which supports the processes performed in a business. What is more, we always strive to ensure the highest professionalism in choosing the right hardware and high-quality equipment. Consequently, we are able to regularly introduce the latest technologies from within the hardware industry.

It is often necessary to combine the functionalities of many different devices used by the client in one centralised location. It is usually possible to do so by using equipment which incorporates many functionalities in one device.

The effective combination of printer, photocopier, scanner and fax is the most important requirement of multifunction equipment. Thanks to it, the client should be able to do all general office tasks, which previously had to be performed by many separate devices.

Multifunctional equipment allows the completion of actions, which, in turn, support the processes in progress. The usage of such equipment enables the combination of photocopying, scanning and faxing with high quality laser printing. Thanks to one universal device, it is possible to gain access to all functions at the same time. One of the important aspects of the multifunctional equipment used in projects is their attractive price compared to their efficiency. We place the emphasis on their reliability, easy use and innovative functions which improve their efficiency. Of course, the choice of the devices is always based on the individual requirements and needs of a client.

Devices offered by our partners specialising in delivering equipment of this kind have the following features:

  • Attractive, compact design
  • Usefulness
  • High quality and efficiency
  • Integration with network environment
  • High quality printing and photocopying
  • Longevity and reliability in use