Kofax Capture

System Kofax Capture (Ascent Capture) is an advanced IT tool used for scanning and the transformation of all types of documents in a business. In Kofax Capture system, scanning process is usually done by document scanners and multifunctional equipment. The scanning and processing of documents using the Kofax application takes place regardless of location: either in a decentralised (e.g. in many different sites of the same company) or centralised way (one or more stations on the same site). Thanks to batch processing, the application is able to process large volumes of documentation (e.g. 1 000 000 pages per month), as well as individual scanning (e.g. a dozen pages per day in only one station). Furthermore, Kofax Capture system is able to transform electronic files, e.g. PDF.

Kofax Capture automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper, electronic documents and forms, and then transforming them into accurate information which can be actioned. Its’ task is also delivering processed documents to your core business applications, processes and workflows. Whether your information is on paper or in electronic files, parked at a central office or scattered over desktops and remote offices throughout the world, Kofax Capture can help you handle it all. Offering unmatched scalability, Kofax Capture is a powerful, enterprise-ready, production-level capture platform. It captures information from virtually any source: scanner, multi-function printer, print stream, email, fax, web service or folder. It automates capture-driven processes at the perimeter of an organization or wherever documents are received, regardless of the location, source, language or type. No matter what hardware or enterprise applications you choose now or in the future, you can count on KofaxCapture to ensure consistent document capture, indexing and the validation of your important information.

Kofax Capture is equipped with the latest tools regarding document indexing and separating, and is typically equipped with the full-text reading tool (OCR/ ICR), as well as with the zonal reading tool and reading on the fly. Kofax Capture enables the recognition of bar codes (one- or multi-dimensional), patch-codes and defined forms (e.g. survey readings, agreement and invoice specifications). Kofax Capture automates indexing process, such as data collection from an external database, default value insertion, use of drop-down lists, as well as dependant drop-down lists, diaries etc. It is worth mentioning that Kofax Capture uses advanced tools to separate documentation packs fed into the scanner. The separation of the scanned documents is done according to bar codes, separating pages and forms recognition. Kofax Capture is fitted with the quality control module of scanned documents, a document validation module, as well as a batch management module (packs of the scanned documents). .

Kofax Capture is feature-rich in order to enhance the quality of the scanned documents. With the support of the Kofax VRS module, document cleanup, blank pages deletion, black edges deletion, dynamic contrast choice anywhere on the document, automatic straightening of skewed pages fed into the scanner, the reconstruction of characters and bar codes, dynamic parameter options by the operator of the scan station, as well as increasing the efficiency of the whole scanning process is available. Kofax Capture is advanced solution and a safe document processing system. It is fitted with a database (independant, if required) that ensures the efficient management of the scanned documents, which is particularly important for large volumes scanning. Furthermore, it has got the API, which enables extensive changes to the application’s functionality and user’s interface. A highly advanced administration module allowing almost unlimmited possibilities of the application configuration is a very important feature of the Kofax Capture. Typically, Kofax Capture is fitted with many certified interfaces to the external systems (e.g SAP R/3).

Currently, more than 1 000 000 Kofax Capture licences have been sold worldwide. Hundreds of the largest companies in Poland have had it implemented and have used it for more than the last ten years. Suncode is a certified partner of Kofax in Poland and is responsible for its implementation (we have 3 certified technical consultants experienced in Kofax Capture solutions). Kofax Capture is able to be highly integrated with the systems offered by Suncode – Electronic Document Workflow System Plus Workflow, Document Management System Plus DMS – and works closely with the Bar Codes Service Module Plus Barcode.