Kofax Express

Kofax Express is a modern, standalone application for batch scanning and document processing. The software enables processing and indexing of paper documents from a scanner or previously saved images from multifunctional devices, fax machines, cameras, microfilm. Due to FolderScan option, previously saved images can be processed and indexed in the same way as documents from the scanner. Very easy user interface makes it possible to shorten the time required for scanning and indexing documents. Easy-to-use features that combine the sharing of documents and web pages. Built-in functionality VRS (Virtual Re-Scan – a set of features designed to improve the quality of scanned documents) and PDF compression allow to obtain very high quality images in a very small size.

Application grants complete import and processing of documents already stored in digital form (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PDF), with a very intuitive interface (compatible with Microsoft Office 2007). It provides also a dynamic view of the documents during scanning. An important feature is the ability to recognize and automatically index bar codes (1D, 2D) and, moreover, manual input of indices and their writing (meta data) in a variety of output formats (XML, TXT).

Kofax Express also uses the latest technologies for intelligent document read-out based on OCR technology. Kofax Express not only allows read-out (OCR-ing) PDF documents, but also uses OCR technology and Rubberband Zonal OCR (point& click).