Kofax VRS

Kofax VRS is a world-leading software, improving the quality of scanned documents and offering top quality within document scanning technologies.

The latest version of VRS enhances the scanning process even greatly, through the reduction of manual work and document preparation, which equals time- and cost-savings. Advanced VRS technology thoroughly cleans scanned documents, which leads to a considerable file size reduction and is very beneficial for networks which are increasingly overloaded. A business using VRS becomes more efficient, and the return of investement is greater than ever before.

Most scanners are nowadays able to work with VRS. VRS is compatible with all applications based on Kofax and other applications based on ISIS and TWAIN.

Business benefits:

Clean Images: The most important quality in the process of document input is an ability to find, retrieve and use captured image again and again. Superior quality of the captured image by VirtualReScan (VRS) makes document indexing and readability much easier.

Elimination of the repetition of document scanning: document rotation is based on the orientation of the document. There is no need to rotate your documents for scanning. VRS automatically analyses the content of each scanned document and corrects its orientation during the scanning process, even if the pages are double sided. You can feed the documents in any way you want –upside down, at a 90° angle, or any other way round, VRS will rotate the document the correct way.

Easy to use: scanning becomes simple and easy. Without special knowledge of scanning, special filters or image enhancement, operators just press “scan” and let the VRS do the rest.

Colour Detection: VRS scans mixed batches of colour and black-and-white documents. VRS automatically recognises and saves black-and-white and colour documents. It also identifies small colour regions on the document.

Image display on the Internet: the document’s shaded background and shaded areas are deleted, resulting in an ultra-compact image file, which means more network-friendly images (easier and faster use when they are needed to be transfered and accessed in your network).

Intelligent recognition of blank pages: VRS determines if information and colour on the back is bled through from the front, and either saves the image or deletes it.

The most challenging documents: poor-quality copies and damaged or wrinkled documents are not a problem for VRS. The new advanced Readability function in VRS Professional offers quality image enhancement for documents with a complicated or heavy background.

Colour Smoothing: thanks to a simple setting, VRS automatically analyses a document during the scanning process and normalises the background colour. The function improves the readability and reduces the file size and consequently enables saving document in colour, often needed in business processes.

Improved recognition: as VRS automatically improves, de-skews and cleans every scanned document, the character recognition for both printed and handwritten text is dramatically increased.

Scan at Rated Speed: enables a scanner to run at rated speed without any interference, regardless of the scan mode (black-and-white, grayscale, or colour) and other applications (Kofax, ISIS or TWAIN).

Interface easy to use: one of the common problems during the scanning process is differences between the user’s interfaces. In a variety of scanners, VRS supplies a single, unified and easy to use interface, eliminating the need to train scanning operators.

Automatic Crop and De-skew: VRS is able to automatically crop and de-skew each image, including images with a white background, on all scanners. In the past, the function required a black scanning background.