Plus DMS for SAP

A dedicated software module that connects through a standard interface to the SAP system. This module supports a comprehensive electronic invoicing workflow in the enterprise, so the process of bearing liabilities.

The current module allows for the integration of Plus Workflow and SAP in several areas.

Firstly, all information about the invoice acceptable in Plus Workflow are passed to the SAP FI or SAP MM, so the person who corrects the invoice in SAP does not have to rewrite indexes describing the texture.

Secondly, this module allows you to automatically launch the initial accounting transactions in SAP or full decree of accounting document. In such case, the accounting for the SAP side will only accept booking without rewriting data.

Thirdly, changing documents’ data in SAP causes automatic update of this data in the Plus Workflow system (eg, message posting number).

Fourthly, it is possible to recall images of accepted invoices from SAP FI system without logging into the system Plus Workflow. This is a feature facilitating work for those users who do not participate in the invoice approval process.

With this module processes realized in Plus Workflow are automatically closed on the basis of information from the SAP system.