Plus DMS

Contemporary company management requires IT Business Process support and Document Management support. Plus DMS System offers Document Management support (i.e., information management). Plus DMS System (Document Management System) manages all kinds of documents (traditional and electronic documents) in a company; adequately classified and described (indexed) documents are recorded (e.g. through scanning) in particular structures of the DMS system. Thanks to this solution, each user of the system gets immediate access to a required document from any location via the internet browser. Document search in the system is supported by equivalent criteria (key words). The electronic scanning and document archiving Plus DMS system is dedicated to a variety of industries and organisations, such as banks, insurance, leasing and manufacturing companies, FMCG, retail chains etc. Plus DMS can practically support each area of a company’s operations. It can be used for scanning and archiving a client’s documents packs (proposals, contracts, statements, complaints, correspondence and others), agreements with the clients, invoices (in-coming, corrections, received goods, orders), personal data forms (parts A,B, and C) and production documents.


Plus DMS was designed to make working within the system an effective, intuitive and pleasant experience. The whole system is available in many different languages.
The most important functions of the Plus DMS are:

  • immediate access to the required document or a whole pack of documents from the level of the internet browser, according to the search criteria
  • advanced document search- full text search, based on the barcode value, etc.
  • electronic archiving of scanned documents- not only in major manufacturing businesses (e.g. scanning 1 000 000 pages per month), but also in single, smaller units
  • verification, versioning and quality control of the documents
  • archiving of all types of electronic documents (e.g. MS Office, PDF, XML)
  • Users’ authorisations, document and transmission encryption, as well as a unique concept of document record management
  • a possibility to use users’ profiles and views according to available templates
  • Creating various reports and statistics
  • Interface to external IT systems (e.g.ERP, Workflow, CRM)
  • Full selection of the SDK software toolkit
  • Independence from the operating and device platform

The system Plus DMS gathers all the most important documents of the company in one central, electronic and safe repository. Thanks to this solution, companies are able to control and manage their documentation, reduce storage costs and, above all, have access to their documents 24 hours, 7 days a week.