Plus Index

Plus Index Application is an IT system allowing the indexing of escanned or elctronic documents which are then transferred to the Plus Workflow or Plus DMS systems. It is an aplication that allows the use of multifunction equipment for scanning documents in a business. It is therefore able to reduce the investement costs of scanning equipment.

The indexing aplication Plus Index allows automatic file collection generated by external data sources (e.g. multifunction equipment)and their automatic recognition, based on many criteria (among other bar codes).After the documents are described, they are transferred to the relevant IT system, e.g. Electronic Document Workflow Plus Workflow.

The indexing application allows the following:

  • TIFF and PDF format recognition,
  • the collation and separation of document images,
  • bar code recognition,
  • enlarging/ minimising/ turning images ,
  • indexing and displaying images in one window,
  • monitoring and collecting documents transferred bymultifunctional equipment,
  • using a unique API interface ( Web services).