Plus Webscan

Scan documents on the positions distributed through a dedicated scanning applications not always fully complies with requirements posed. Suncode Company, having rich experience in the field of document scanning, designed a module for scanning directly from the system Plus Workflow using any scanner in the company.

Webscan Plus module is a solution for distributed scanning. The application allows you to scan documents directly from the Web browser, communicating with practically any device having TWAIN drivers.

The most important advantages are: the ability to access the scan function for every user of the Plus Workflow system, no need to purchase dedicated scanning application, full integration with Plus Workflow, low investment costs, a possibility of scan in even more than few dozen locations, ergonomy of scanning (scanning options directly from a button of Plus Workflow), and, lastly, the ability to connect any hardware-based scanner with TWAIN driver (Windows), even low-cost scanners available in supermarkets.

Plus WebScan is, thus, another product in a wide Suncode scanning system offer that allows to design a scanning solution with accordance to a client’s needs.