ReadSoft Invoices

ReadSoft Invoices is a complete solution for automatic scanning and reading data from a paper based on the OCR – Optical Character Recognition. ReadSoft’s technology has powerful functions with the function of the optical scanning read-out data, and full integration in sending meta data to ERP / Workflow.

ReadSoft’s solution is a modular application, in which each part is responsible for a specific function. Modules such as Verify and Interpret allow read-out of all data from documents such as a number, VAT number, amount, net, etc. What’s more, modules’ functionality allows to visually check information recorded at the stage of interpretation. Verification module can check balances to make sure that the correct values have been recorded, and perform calculations based on business rules.

The application allows integration with external systems in both directions so it can analyze and merge data already at the stage of the scan. ReadSoft’s solutions due to intelligent read-out and learning technology significantly improve the process of digitization of documents.

Offered by Suncode system Plus Workflow is fully integrated with Readsoft solutions which is confirmed by a large number of implementations in our country.