B2B B2C Applications

Systems for electronic commerce (e-commerce) include transactions carried out across a computer network. Goods and services are procured in direct mode (on-line), and the delivery and payment can take place inside or outside the network.

IT project offered by Suncode in the field of e-commerce is an electronic trading platform that enables clock access to the current offer to make purchases online by customers. A particular advantage of such solution is that they are based on business process management system Plus Workflow, so apart from standard functionality, you can turn such systems into new business processes tightly integrated with the internal environment of the company.

A team of designers and developers of our company, providing services of creatin dedicated web applications in the field of e-commerce, has wide experience. The range of services includes both counseling and consultation, design and modeling of applications, configuration and production of applications, and, lastly, the implementation and further development.

Each system of this type can work with virtually any database, any application system, and can be developed in the most common environments. Both the creative line application and its interface can be designed within the framework of the creation of graphics provided by Suncode.

In addition, developed applications can be integrated with external systems using virtually any method of integration.

We kindly invite you to contact for further information by mail: sales@suncode.pl, or telephone (0-61) 820-04-49.