Plus Conference

System Plus Workflow is equipped with an additional module that allows intuitive management conference rooms, rooms for training and meetings. Plus Conference is a modern tool designed to book rooms in a specific location and time. In addition, the module can book resources such as a projector, a computer or even catering.

Plus Conference allows you to define any number of meeting rooms and the inclusion of basic information describing the room (name, number of seats, available equipment). Additionally, you can insert a gallery space.

To reserve a room You just have to fill form of the Plus Conference, which includes such fields as the booking name, room number, date of booking, time up, the number of people, type of meeting, reservation cyclical, additional resources, catering. After successful completing the form, your reservation will be stored, and the information about it is shown on the schedule of busy classrooms. Plus Conference enables cyclic booking, which means that the rooms can be reserved for meetings repeated at regular intervals. The module also allows you to cancel your reservation, which will automatically release date on the schedule.

The big advantage of the module is user-friendly interface and simplicity. Plus Conference is equipped with a graphical busy conference schedule. It shows clearly the terms and information made the room reservations. Reservation is presented in the form of various colors, icons and text. This allows for quick verification of available room in a given time. With the reservation Plus Conference is a quick and enjoyable.

Plus Conference module, like all systems of the Plus Workflow family, are available to users regardless of location, using a web browser.