Plus Office

The electronic office system Plus Officeeffectively supports correspondence archiving processes, as well as business processessuch as electronic document workflow. The solution we offer is fitted with a registration module, and an assignment module of incoming and outgoingdeliveries. It also enables the effective registration and verification of incoming correspondence and parcels, together with the relevant documentation.

The registration module allows information to be collected, such as a receipt date,the date of sending, the addressee or correspondence subject. There is the possibility to generate a barcode affixed to the document to be registered: this is an important feature of the module. The barcode, being an element that makes document management easier, constitutes a document separator, and furthermore enables clear identification of the documents in the archive. The registration module also allows the registration of electronic documents, regardless of the file format. The Electronic Office allows, if needed, document assignment to the correct addressee. Thanks to this functionality, the system makes document tracking possible and also makes sure that the document arrives at the correct addressee. It also allows the user to define lists of received correspondenceaccording to the date of sending, date of receipt, addressee etc. Registered and scanned documents are able to be saved in the module of the electronic document archive.

Thanks to the use of the Correspondence Management system, thereis the possibility to fully control incoming and outgoing deliveries. Some of the many advantages of the solution include the elimination of the risk of losing documents or other mail, and quick access to images of scanned documents. As the solution is fitted with mechanisms allowing automatic start-up of processes connected with the documents to be registered, it can constitute a complementary part of the operating system of document management and business process management.