Aris Toolset

ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) is a concept supported by the methods and IT tools used in modelling, developing projects, and the optimisation of business processes. Professor August-Wilhelm Scheer, working at the Saarland Univerisity in Saabrucken,is the designer of the concept and the founder of the company IDS Scheer AG.

RThe Aris Plstform IT tool range of the comapny IDS-Scheer is used for modeling, analysis and optimisation of business processes. ARIS tools are a leading worldwide solution, and allow process modeling and management based on many different standards and notations (e.g. EPC, BPMN, BPML, UML etc).

ARIS Platform includes several components: Aris Design Platform (Aris Business Design, Aris Easy Design, Aris IT Design, Aris Toolset), Aris Implementation Platform (SOA and UML Designer), as well as Aris Strategy Platform (Business Optimizer and Smart Input for Business Optimizer).

The ARIS tools range is fitted with a central data repository, which allows integration between tools, and also ensures the possibility of repeat modeling and optimisation of the process content across the whole business. ARIS tools meet all the needs of process management in a business- from methodology, through modeling and process analysis, to process improvement and management, using the advanced process measurement module (ARIS PPM).

ARIS is a leading tool of this kind, worldwide. It is integrated with many IT systems (e.g. SAP), as well as with the business process management solution, Plus Workflow.