Plus Barcode

Plus Barcode provides a complex barcode service of different types (e.g. 3of9, EAN13, 128 etc).It enables configuration and printing the barcodes ofpre-defined values (those which are able to be fully configured) at user stations using IT systems offered by Suncode (Plus Workflow, Kofax Capture or Quick Scan).

Plus Barcode works with most of the common barcodeprinters ( e.g. Dymo, Zebra) and is configured from the server level (at one point), which considerably improves the servicing and maintenance of barcodes in a business, in case of a distributed system.

Thanks to using the Barcode Management System Plus Barcode in implementations of the Electronic Document Workflow Plus Workflow or Document Management System Plus DMS, it is possible to designate each scanned document unambiguously (e.g. invoice or agreement/ contract), which ensures the full management of the document, as well as the standardisation and automation of the documents workflow within the implemented systems, and furthermore eliminates the risk of losing them. Apart from that, the barcodes on the documents can be used as separators during the scanning process (e.g. when thecustomer number is coded in the barcode and clients’files are being scanned).

Plus Barcode allows barcode reading by laser barcode readers, which is used in many electronic document workflow installations. Plus Barcode typically serves also two-dimensional barcodes.