Plus BPM

System Plus BPM is a solution allowing the comprehensive management of the buisness processes and documents in a company. Apart from the functions performed by the workflow systems, it reflects the processes other than the electronic documents.

Thus, Plus BPM reflects the manufacturing processes, which have to be completed within the Quality Management System, in accordance with ISO 9000 standards, as well as document flow processes. It also allows extensive integrations between diifferent systems implemented in a company.

The Business Process Management system Plus BPM is a modern and safe IT solution that automates and improves business processes. Plus BPM reduces costs and saves the time needed for the completion of processes. This is possible through:

Process automation- many actions in the process are completed automatically without human integration.
Process flow coordination- the system coordinates the flow between organisational units, as it enforces the completion of standardised procedures.
Elimination of actions with no value- the system eliminates the actions which have no value for the client, e.g. waiting for the documents to arrive or repeating the same action with each process flow.
Independance from the location – the system allows process completion independently from the physical location of the executor (with access from the level of the internet browser).
Quick access to information- the system allows the client immediate access to the required information.
Analytical tools- the system increases process analysis based on reports of different kind, e.g.reports connected with overloading particular organisational units or time needed for completion of oparations and different process phases.
Process search- the system enables a quick search of a particular task in the process and its completion status check .
Safety increase- access to information and tasks is possible for authorised users only. It is additonally possible to archive all data in the system, which makes documents and information contained in them retrievable.
Plus BPM has extensive functionalities. The systemincludes: a graphic interface used in process modelling, intuitive user interface, unlimitted access from the level of the internet browser, analytical module, tools optimising efficiency and work with documents, organisational structure reflection, open program interface (SDK), data service of different formats, operating and database platform and many other elements.

In addition to Plus BPM implementation, we offer economic support in the area of process modelling and optimisation.