Plus E-invoices

Modern businesses are increasingly seeking effective solutions to optimize the working time opt for the use of innovative solutions. Suncode Company, the manufacturer of Class Workflow system, offering the latest technology in the field of document management in the enterprise has created a module responsible for processing electronic invoices Plus E-Invoices.

This is an application designed to handle electronic invoices coming to the organization via e-mail. Its main task is to automate the archiving of electronic invoices and transfer the data to the service process these invoices in an external system or DMS Workflow class.

E-Plus application retrieves invoice attached to an e-mail invoice will automatically recognize the file format in which it was written, for PDF files, automatically indexing text and then transfers the image texture with indices describing it to an external system.
Reading the relevant index values ​​from a PDF file with an image texture is based on predefined templates. The definition of templates is performed in a dedicated application for this purpose called Plus Template Configurator.

Plus E-invoices can monitor one or more mailboxes that receive an email with an invoice in an electronic file. For further information, please contact with our sales department at: