Plus Process Editor

Plus Proces Editor is a tool that has been developed for the creation of an independent process models in BPMN users of Plus Workflow system.

he user has the ability to self-analyze and visualize the process. The tool allows you to define different stages of placement of various objects and in accordance with the notation of BPMN and XPDL technical standard. The user is the author of the process, and he decides how it will look like the model of the process, who will take part in it, what will be the flow of information in the process. Process modeling tool also allows you to design the look of the different stages. For this purpose, the user can select individual items from the available drop-down lists, or add new ones. Plus Workflow Editor introduces applied dynamically change the preview forms are designed so that you can keep control of the future appearance of the sheets. Process modeling is a fast, easy and fun.

In order to prevent the commission of errors the system has been equipped with a variety of tips for less experienced users. Process modeling tool also automatically performs validations so that mistakes are immediately detected.

Plus Workflow Editor Tool is integrated with the Plus Workflow. The user can send its own process model to the system and test it. After the test phase, there is an option to modify the model in order to optimize the business process.

The big advantage of modeling tools are user-friendly interface and simplicity. Its intuitive feature is that you can create process models for each user. Process modeling tool, like the rest of the family systems Workflow Plus are available regardless of location, using a web browser.