Plus Workflow Invatio

In order to meet the expectations of companies providing accounting services to their clients, and accounting offices, the Suncode company, which is a leading provider of workflow and business process management systems by prepared a platform for the electronic exchange of accounting documents (e.g. invoices). realizing the idea of paperless accounting.

Plus Workflow Invatio is a system specifically designed to support companies offering accounting outsourcing. The platform provides electronic workflow of accounting documents after their entry, through description and acceptance to the entry in the accounts.

Suncode - Plus Invatio - Schemat

Plus Workflow Invatio is a system of electronic workflow of accounting documents available in the outsourcing- is located on Suncode servers in a secure and reliable data center(model Software as an Service). Plus Workflow Invatio like other systems Plus Workflow is available with a web browser. The use of such a solution eliminates the need to install additional software on the client side and on the side of the outsourcing company. Choosing Plus Workflow Invatio system available in the outsourcing obtain additional financial benefits in the form of not having to invest in hardware and software and the absence of costs associated with the maintenance of the server.

The implementation of electronic workflow platform of accounting documents brings many business benefits. These include:

  • Saves a lot of time to send documents to the office – there is no need to provide traditional documents in person or by courier or postal mail,
  • access to the full electronic workflow of accounting documents in the company (registration, factual description of the document, accept and process at minimal cost,
  • reduction of operating costs by reducing the workload of the processes of internal,
  • access to the system regardless of the location of an employee,
  • Workflow analysis of the company with built-in reports and statistics,
  • improve internal workflow within the company,
  • improve the coordination of document workflow
  • more friendly and faster factual description and acceptance of documents for the employees of the company,
  • instant access to scanned documents through their accounts in an electronic repository of archival documents,
  • e-mail notification of new documents and tasks,
  • high standards of security and service availability.

Plus Workflow Invatio is supplied in the following configuration:

  • electronic workflow – registration, scanning, description of knowledge, acceptance and entry in the accounts of the document,
  • scanning documents – available from the mats registration documents (www) or by using a dedicated production scanner.