Plus Workflow OneClick

Modern business management requires the support of information systems in order to increase efficiency. In order to support businesses of all sizes and from different industries we create a system Plus Workflow OneClick.

Plus Workflow OneClick is an electronic workflow system available in outsourcing – on  Suncode servers located in a secure and reliable data center(model Software at an Service). With this solution, companies gain immediate benefits. These include the lack of the need to invest in hardware and software and no maintenance costs and server. Choosing this solution enterprise gets access to the Suncode site, so if there are any requests they are dealt immediately. Users of Plus Workflow OneClick can access the system from a web browser, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our company treats each client as an individual, there is the possibility of individual arrangements other parameters to provide service (a non-standard parameters).

The implementation of electronic workflow system Plus Workflow OneClick  will achieve immediate business benefits, which include:

  • reduction of operating costs by reducing the workload of the processes of internal,
  • facilitate the conduct of the processes through optimization,
  • reduce management costs by automating business processes,
  • coordinating the flow of processes,
  • improvement of document workflow in company,
  • eliminating actions that add no value to the process such as waiting for documents, transmission of documents to “hand to hand”, fate and losing documents,
  • access to the system regardless of the location of an employee with a web browser,
  • Workflow analysis with built-in reports and statistics,
  • increase the effectiveness of the processes in the company.

Using a specially developed business processes, it supports the functioning of different areas of the enterprise, and reduces operating costs. The Plus Workflow OneClick offered a set of seven pre-defined business processes. The system features:

  • incoming and outgoing mail process,
  • the registration and approval of invoices process,
  • needs process,
  •  help-desk process,
  • vacation request handling process,
  • outsourcing and implementation issues process,
  • handling inquiries and preparing bids process.

System also has an electronic archive documents(products, contracts).

Plus Workflow OneClick is available in the monthly subscription fee with license limited to 100 named user and named processes (to be chosen from the seven available), as well as with the allocated disk space.