Plus Workflow

Contemporary company management requires effective IT support. IT systems of the Workflow type (electronic document workflow)are of particular importance, as they support entire business processeswhich are necessary in the company.

According to the WfMC definition:

Workflow means automation of business processes fully or partially. During such automation, documents, information and tasks are being transferred from one participant to another, so that actions can be completed following established procedures.

Electronic document workflow system, Plus Workflow, is a highly advanced, modern, flexible and safe IT system with many functionalities, which is used in electronic document’s workflow, as well as in document management.

Plus Workflow is a comprehensive solution, allowing business process management and, consequently, the management of all of the documentation in the company, not only within the electronic document workflow, but also in terms of document scanning and the need for electronic archive. Plus Workflow is a server system, which can be accessed from the level of any web browser.


Implementation of Plus Workflow system gives the company immediate business benefits and a quick return of investment. The most important business benefits include:

  • Reduction of labour intensity and improvement of business processes in the company
  • Automation and standardization of the electronic document workflow
  • Coordination of documents workflow
  • Problem-free control and management of various documents within a company
  • Ensuring integrity and correctness of document description
  • Substantial improvement of work efficiency and quality of Plus Workflow users
  • Elimination of many valueless actions, e.g. changing hands, waiting for the documents to arrive or repeating the same simple action with each process flow
  • Task completion irrespective of the physical location of the user (the system is accessible from the level of the internet browser)
  • Continuous protection of both documents and business processes in a company
  • Access to relevant information (specified) for each user
  • Full analysis of document workflow
  • Storage of different kinds of documents, and access to them through a special built-in repository

The most important elements of the system are:

  • clear, intuitive and ergonomic user’s interface, available from the level of the internet browser
  • Full profiling of the user’s screen views, different language versions, default views, dynamic changes of the task box, etc.
  • Reflection of each business process: serial and parallel processes, parallel-serial processes, and sub-processes
  • electronic flow of scanned (original) documents, as well as electronic files
  • Graphic interface of process modelling, plus cooperation with Aris tools
  • integrated electronic documents’ archive with immediate access to documents
  • Built-in organizational structure together with business roles
  • Dynamic calendar with different task types, staff substitutions, deadlines with functionality of notifications by email, Plus Messenger module and SMS
  • Full protection of the system and its functions, together with encryption of the saved files
  • Full analytical interface considering multi-sectoral statistics of the users’ work and the document workflows in progress
  • Possibility of quick search and tracking electronic document workflow and tasks (i.e., checking the status of a particular workflow or business matter)
  • Full-text document search
  • Versioning of processes and documents
  • SDK program interface delivered with the system
  • Integration with many financial and accounting systems: amongst others SAP, MFG PRO, J.D. Edwards, TETA, Symfonia, Movex M3, CDN XL, IFS, Oracle Financials, DEF3000, MS Dynamics, etc.

System Plus Workflow is undoubtedly a leading solution on the market. It works irrespective of operating system platform (operating systems or database). It suitable for companies which have many different sites where documents are scanned, as well as for those who only have one scan center. The system offers very efficient solution – in one of our implementations, Plus Workflow completes more than 2500 processes daily. This solution reflects many different processes on only one platform – an example can be the implementation of Plus Workflow where more than a dozen different business processes are reflected.

Plus Workflow is the IT system that supports almost every area of the company operations. It can be used for the following:

    • Electronic invoices flow (scattered or central)
    • Electronic purchase requisitions flow (external and internal)
    • Incoming and outgoing correspondence management
    • Acceptance and calculating of business trips
    • Recruitment and dismissing employees processes
    • Archivisation of employees’ documents
    • Registering and acceptance of inquiries
    • Preparing and acceptance of offers
    • Internet requisition with budgeting
    • Registering and archivization of commercial offers
    • Settlement of expenses, delegation
    • Applications for advance payment,
    • Product specification process,
    • Package specification process,
    • Marketing materials acceptance process,
    • Offer preparation process,
    • Contracts preparation process,
    • Procurement process,
    • Credit application process,
    • Insurance applications process,
    • Handling Document the liquidation of damages,
    • Service requests, etc.
    • Electronic flow cost and warehouse invoices,
    • Electronic invoices handling,
    • Handling of request for proposal,
    • Handling incoming and outgoing correspondence,
    • Handling of applications visitors and employees,
    • Handling holiday requests,
    • Handling internal procurement (needs),
    • Handling issuing of certificates and credentials,
    • ISO 9001 processes: corrective and preventive actions, audits,supervision of the measurement & inspection devices, behavior with nonconforming product, change the ISO documentation, management of objectives, etc.

…and many others.

A detailed analysis made prior to the implementation, a professional and competent implementation team, and reliable implementation methodology are the key elements of success. The extensive knowledge and skills of our consultants constitute our greatest strength, which have been reinforced by the references provided by the companies where implementations have taken place and, moreover, by research and scientific publications which we are involved in.