Company’s profile

suncode_logoSUNCODE (formerly Plus MPM) is a leading Polish company providing and implementing the latest IT documents and process management systems in companies, as well as providing consultation services in the aforementioned areas.

We are a team of experts whohave a wide range of experience in implementing the systems in some of the largest enterprises in the country.

All our projects are carried out profesionally, according to the reliable implementation methodology, not only in Poland, but also in other countries.

Our client group consists of large, international concerns as well as large- and medium-sized companies in Poland. We are partners with global companies such as IBM, KOFAX, Microsoft and EMC. We are also conducting research (published in several publications) and are working on innovative technologies in the area of document management and the management of business processes.

Our team is made up of qualified experts in different areas with wide implementation experience (i.e., practical experience) who have considerable achievements.

Comprehensive and professional customer service is our priority, as well as longterm and fruitful cooperation with our clients. We offer complete solutions, meeting the implementation requirements of the latest organisational and IT systems.

Our clients have benefited from our expertise adapted not only to their requirements, but also to the Polish financial, legal, social and organisational regulations.

Suncode – a leader in the area of document managagement and business process management in companies