ISO 9001

Suncode - Certyfikat ISO:9000
Suncode – ISO:9000

Our company has implemented and certified the Quality Management System,according tothe PN- EN ISO 9001:2009 standardrelating to Sales, Software creation, Consultancy, and IT systems implementation, as well as maintaining this in our clients’ companies. The Polish Certification Authority issues certifications for the above. The quality policy of our company is described below.

Suncode is one of the market-leading Polish companies, providing and implementing the latest document and process management IT systems and consultancy services. The main value of the company is a comprehensive and professional relationship with our clients and partners, considering their legal, social, organisational and financial requirements. Suncode runs all services to meetclient needs, from designing and creating to selling,implementing and servicing. The company always makes sure that our clients are highly satisfied and continuously strives to improve cooperation with them. The value of each company is made up of people- we are proud of our professional team of specialists from different IT areas,and their work for Suncode makes it possible for them to achieve their own personal accomplishments and professional development. The continous development of the company, its processes and its services are our primary concerns. We strive to meet set requirements and systematically increase the value of the company by increasing the number of the clients and efficiently meeting their needs.

Priorities and directions for the company have been identified through the following strategic targets:

  • Increasing the value of the company as regards the economic, social, organisational and technological spectrum.
  • The creation, implementation and continous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • Full client satisfaction, evident in the increased efficiency of their company.
  • The continous raising of awareness in our team members as regards set targets and requirements, with regards to processe, theQuality Management System and the services needing to be completed.
  • Optimisation of the company’s activities, through the implementation of innovative organisational and technical solutions.
  • To accomplish all the aforementioned targets, we have implemented the Quality Management System to meet the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standard, managed by the Quality Management Agent. The leadership of the company commits itself to ensuring the necessary means recquiredto achieve the standards set by the Quality Policy, and targets resulting from the Policy. All members of the Plus MPM team are aware of the Quality Policy.