Implementation of the Plus Workflow integrated with the SAP System

We are happy to announce that we succesfully implemented another Plus Workflow System in an international company from within the food industry. It is worth mentioning that the project range involved the process of financial obligations and warehousing costs ( i.e. electronic invoice flow), full integration with the SAP system within the bookkeeping, document management of received goods, as well as installations of scan stations.The project team involved almost 10 people and consisted of the Plus MPM workers, the client’s workers and the SAP consultants. Within 4 months the business process has been implemented with a full interface to the SAP system and based on the standard modules within the full accountancy of the financial documents ( FI, MM) and data collecting used in the process in question. ( e.g. the clients’ database, data regarding accounting, sizes etc.)

The described project uses the idea of integrating ERP and FI systems with Workflow class systems, particularly in situations when the business process supports the management of financial costs. Plus MPM have a wide experience of designing interfaces, not only for the SAP system, but for the majority of similar solutions available on the market. Should you be interested in receiving more information about the integration of the Plus Workflow systems and SAP, please get in touch with the representative of our company, or send your inquiry