Archiving invoices and orders

Plus DMS system is an excellent electronic document repository, where all scanned documents and elctronic files are being stored. Thanks to it, each user of the system gains immediate access to the required document through the internet browser, regardless of location.

Plus MPM implemented the DMS module to manage documents in one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in the country. Scanning and electronic archiving includes invoices and contracts with the clients. The implementation work took one month, and the installation included three highly-efficient document scan stations, equipped with Fujitsu document scanners, scanning and document processing software Ascent Capture, as well as Kofax VRS, a module supporting scanning quality. Scanning applications have been configured in a way that they can automatically recognise forms (different types of documents) and barcodes. All scanned documents are sent to the central electronic document Plus DMS repository. Access to these documents is possible from the level of the internet browser for all elligible users. Business advantages of the solution include:

  • automation of business processes (crucial information is available immediately from the level of the internet browser)
  • immediate access to the documents (invoices and contracts))
  • arrangement of all documentation in the company where the implementation takes place
  • access to documents, regardless of the employee’s location (the access is available from the level of the internet browser)
  • reduced cost of document storage
  • improving document security through encryption, rights, authorisation and a unique policy of saving documents