Electronic order workflow

Electronic Order Workflow in a company is an important way of improving the company’s operations, and presents a useful companion to the Electronic Invoice Workflow software. The business gets full control over expenses and orders to be processed, thanks to the fact thatorder processes are reflected in the system.

The order processing system has been implemented in one of the most well-known food industry companies, with more than a dozen branches in Poland. Employees are eligible to place orders at work in branches located far away from one another. The headquarters of the company is in Warszawa/ Warsaw.

The system Plus Workflow is available from the level of the Internet browser. Only authorised users can access the order form by logging in. After an electronic pre-defined order form, available on the website, is filled in, an automatic electronic order workflow starts, which runs according to the agreed process map within the Plus Workflow system. In this particular implementation,the order is sent in the first place to the Regional Managerfor further description and approval. After that, the the order is automatically verified and its budget, legitimacy and other internal measures checked. Finally, the order needs to be approved by the General Manager and forwarded for action. It’s important to say that some orders are automatically generated, based on the up-to-date MS Excell file, and further forwarded to employees to be completed. Furthermore, Plus Workflow system is able to automatically generate orders using earlier defined templates. One should be aware, that in this implementation, each electronic order must be concluded with a relevant invoice for ordered goods and services, which considerably tightens control over the whole goods flow process and improves the analysis of the whole business process.