ISO 9000 management

Traditional, hard copy of Quality Management System procedures according to the ISO 9000 series standard can be easily replaced by their electronic equivalent. Plus Workflow clients replicate many procedures, savedin the Quality Management System,in the form of their electronic counterparts, considerably improving their efficiency according to the rule of continous development and process approach, as required by the recent standard.

Plus MPM implemented Plus Workflow system in one of the most well-known manufacturing companies, including the process of corrective and precautionary actions. „Paper” procedures have been fully hugh-replicatedinan electronic form taking into account all requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

In the company mentioned above, the process of corrective and precautionary actions is activated by one person, who, after establishing incompatibility, reports a need to perform corrective actions. For this reason, the individual needs to fill in an electronic application, within Plus Workflow system, giving the appropriate number, describing the found incompatibility, time and circumstances. Afterwards, the application is sent to the Quality Management System Officer, who verifies whether the application is legitimate. If this is the case, the Officer registers corrective actions and chooses the person resposible for performing these actions- in other words, he chooses an ‘executor’. He is then responsible for conducting the analysis of the cause(s) of incompatibility, describing them in the chart of corrective actions and preparing a schedule of actions, assigning particular tasks to designated people. Finally, the corrective actions are sent to the Officer for approval. He is then responsible for the schedule and task assignment approval. Afterwards, the tasks are sent to people who perform the particular corrective actions.

Designated people then perform particular corrective tasks. After completion, they prepare a report on the performed actions. All reports are collected on the system and are forwarded to the Quality Management SystemOfficerwho inspects theaccuracyof the corrective actions. At this stage, the Officerthen selects an Auditor from a group of 20 elligible auditors, who conducts an audit of the performed actions.

The auditor must assess actions and steps taken in a specific timescale.The assessment results are then included in reports on the effectiveness of the corrective actions in Plus Workflow. Should the assessment be positive, it is sent to all process participants; should the assessment be negative, a new process of corrective actions with the included chart of corrective actionsinvolved in the whole process, begins. After the completion of the whole cycle of corrective and precautionary actions,Plus Workflow automatically generates a chart of corrective and precautionary actions, which is done precisely according to the form template, ensuring relevant and continuous numbering.