Manufacturing processes

Managing the production and assembly processes based on barcodes within the Quality Management System (according to the ISO 9000 series standard) considerably affects the speed and improves the quality of the product completion and their assembly,as well as completely eliminatingthe risks of making a mistake (according to the O defects rule).

Plus Workflow has reflectedthe production and assembly processes of one of the largest automotive companies in Poland, automating practically the wholematerial flow. The entirity of the processes of production and assembly of all automotive industry elements has been reflected In the Plus Workflow system. All manufacturing processes are activated automatically, based on the electronic order, sent electronically by the Recipient. Each order automatically activates the manufacturing process and the Plus Workflow system automatically selects and configures the whole list of components for production. Each element is affixed with a barcode. The processes run according to the JiT concept, and the Supplier has a limited timescale for completing each task.

Each working team has a terminal with a LCD monitor and wireless barcode reader available. Subsequent items for assembly are displayed on the monitor at particular production stages, which is then confirmed with barcode readings at different stations, until the finished product „leaves” the assembly hall. Each fault is indicated to staffand automatically reported by an appropriate notice to the relevant Manager, which considerably eliminates the likelihood of so-called „human error”.

Plus Workflow oparates 24/7, serving more than 2,500 processes daily. Additionally, it has been linked with a special lightboard placed in the assembly hall, which gives information about the amount of completed orders, as well as about delays in relation to the order deadline required by the Recipient. Plus Workflow is also fully integrated with the platform AS/ 400 and constitutes one of the most vital systems in the company.

Other companies from the automotive industry have also taken advantage of the above described „manufacturing solution” which considerably reduces the costs of business processes (error and fault elimination of incorecctly packed, assembled and packed elements, etc.), reduces process costs, as well as ensuring control over particular stages of completion (stages and users’ statistics).