The success of any IT system implementation depends on three elements: people (in particular their competencies, knowledge and skills), the IT system to be implemented (their functionalities, the possibilities to be configured, the source code quality, and the range and level of the implementation complexity) and effective implementation methodology. The Suncode implementation methodology has been researched by the group of internal and external experts, who use methods which are universal, reliable and verified in many implementations and are required to implement Workflow/ BPM type systems, DMS type systems, document processing systems, as well as CRM type systems. It is important to say, that the project framework is similar in each case; however particular methods of performing implementations depend on the IT solutionthat is to be implemented.

The Suncode project team carries out implementations according to methods, that depend on the type of implemented system and project specification. Our consultants work towards the following technical targets of the system project to be implemented: simplicity, flexibility, standardisation, cost optimisation, execution time optimisation,and the adequate use of human resources.

Project stages are as follows:

  •  analysis of the current condition of the company and an analysis of the requirements
  •  diagnosis, consulting in process changes and proposals on improvements
  •  preparing guideline documentation and the project’s scope, as well as schedule specification
  •  implementation of organisational changes,system installation and system configuration
  •  system tests and necessary configuration corrections
  •  training
  •  verification and project completion

The whole project involves Suncode team and staff from the client’s company. Selected Project Managers control the scope of the project, deadlines, quality level, project costs, and risks involved, and coordinate the whole process.

Implementations carried out by the Suncode consultants are effective, reliable and, first af all, always on time. Each implementation is fully adapted to the individual client needs.

Suncode implementations guarantee success, which has been confirmed by the many references and instalations- all successfully completed.