Process optimisation

As confirmed by scientific research, the efficiency of business processes is one of the most important factors influencing business productivity. Business processes are realised in each business.However, they have not always been identified, described and optimised in all of them.

Business process management in a company requires their modeling and optimisation. The working outof process models in a company is done mainly before the implementation phase (e.g. reingeneering, process improvement, SZJ ISO 9000 implementation) or before implementation of the IT system (e.g. Workflow, ERP).Working out the process models may be conducted in a traditional way (using a piece of paper), or by using specialised IT tools. The process models might be reflected in various standardised notations (e.g. EPC, BPMN, UML) so all users might interpret a module in the same way.

Suncode consultants are highly competent and have wide practical experience in modeling business processes in organisations. They are also familiar with the use of the leading tools (e.g ARIS).The analysis service of theexisting conditionof the company and process modeling can be carried out with reference to selected processes or all the processes conducted in a company. Process modeling can be conducted by the standard methodology used by Suncode, or can be profiled according to the client’s needs (e.g. IT system implementation).

Based on the studiedprocess model, it is possible to optimise the process (where optimisation often runs parallel).The process module is also used as a base for the implementation ofIT systems of the Workflow range (BPM, DMS or ERP). Furthermore, as a result of the process model, it is possible to continously improve that process, which is based on the analyses coming from the interpretations of the process results.