Scanning documents

Suncode provides services in document processing, including their preparation, scanning, indexing and archiving- this is achieved by outsourcing. External document scanning is a complex service provided on-site or in document processing centresin Warszawa (Warsaw), Krakow or Poznan.

In case of the outsourcing of document processing, clients do not encounterhigh costs of scanners purchase (production scanners), employment costs(there is no need for relevant human resources), organisational costs (e.g. working on implementation methods), licensing costs (e.g. scanning system/indexing licensing etc.), or the costs connected with programming and configuration services(when integration with an external database is necessary).

The offerd service is very popular with businesses, particularly in cases where recordeddocuments need to be scanned to bolster the archiving systems or document workflow. Scanned documents can be saved onto the CD or DVD. Electronic documents can be found quickly and be quickly displayed on the monitor screen, improving the most important business processes in a company.