System BPM

The electronic flow of invoices

System of the electronic flow of invoices is a solution enabling proficient managing of cost invoices reaching the enterprise. It gives the opportunity to obtain full control over an invoice starting from its receiving, through its substantive description and acceptance, ending up with its accounting.

By the usage of the available devices, such as a scanner or a multifunctional device, a chancellery employee digitalizes the received documents and registers them. In the next stages, the document is sent to the consecutive users in an electronic form, basing on the process map defined earlier. It is also possible to apply the intelligent data read system, which automatically reads the document data.

After registration, the invoice is described substantively by a pinpointed person who is required to attribute the costs. The form of this stage has an embedded image of the scanned invoice in PDF format.

Having completed the required acceptance path, the invoice is sent by the system to the last stage, i.e. the accounting acceptance of the invoice. This stage is realized, most frequently, by the employees form financial or chancellery departments. After the invoice accounting, the Plus Workflow system may also automatically generate an invoice metrics, which is a document supporting its acceptance and presenting its ascription. At the very end, the data is sent to the ERP system.

The implementation of an electronic flow of invoices brings tangible benefits. It facilitates business processes and decreases labour intensity. The automation of invoice circulation improves the coordination of process flows between organizational units, as it enforces the workflow according to the specified process map. Moreover, it eliminates many activities that fail to create value, e.g. waiting for documents, or transporting documents between different locations. The electronic versions of invoices are stored in a secure, electronic document archive, which is available to authorized users 24 hours a day.